6 Best Cryptocurrency Apps of 2020

Cryptocurrencies may have had their fair share of controversies back in the day when they first made their appearance but things have changed now, and more and more investors and traders are showing an active interest in crypto investments and trades. No surprises then why so many cryptocurrency apps have come out in these recent years. As crypto assets become more and more mainstream, buying and selling crypto coins have become easier than ever before, thanks to the latest cryptocurrency apps. They allow you to trade seamlessly from your smartphones and other mobile devices. As the percentage of trading increased, the number of cryptocurrency apps also have increased in count. One such professional app which provides you full support is bitcoin lifestyle app. You can refer it anytime for better results.

6 best cryptocurrency apps of 2020:

  1. Coinbase is perfect for crypto beginners who are keen to dabble in crypto assets and learn about crypto trading. You can simply download the Coinbase app to start trading. It is user-friendly and the exchange lets you buy or sell crypto coins in a hassle-free manner. Once you have registered on the exchange and completed verification, you may use your credit card or bank account for buying the crypto of your choice.
  2. Crypto Pro works on iPhone, Android phones, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. You can download this cryptocurrency app for free and enjoy features like custom icons and widgets, candlestick charts for trading insights, advanced notifications, price alerts, wallet tracing and imports, Face ID locks, etc. Crypto app allows you to build custom widgets for all traded cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The biggest advantage is its focus on privacy; it will not track user activities like user viewing habits or their portfolio sizes.
  3. eToro allows you to connect and share strategies with a big community of cryptocurrency users using this app. When you create an account here, you will be offered $100,000 for practicing crypto trades in a virtual portfolio in order to improve your skills. Besides the large numbers of trading pairs on the app, there are many handy tools and indicators. You may tap into unlimited withdrawals.
  4. Binance has always been popular as a cryptocurrency exchange recording some of the biggest trading volumes all over the world. It provides many important crypto trading pairs, totaling more than 600. So, you can access crypto coins of different kinds, ranging from Bitcoins, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash to liquid projects like Polymath, Troy, or Status. You cannot get CFD products here and you will buy and sell crypto coins traditionally. Binance is not under government regulations and your money is completely safe.
  5. Gate.io app entered the list of Bitcoin exchanges when other exchanges like Binance and Bitfinex started to close down new member registrations. Users are free to trade with all kinds of crypto coins like Eth, Bitcoins, or USDT. Besides providing crypto traders with a platform for trading, the app also provides information about the crypto market. The interface is simple for newcomers with advanced functions for experienced professional traders. It supports spot and margin trading, buy-and-sell, limit order and stop loss functions, offers price alerts and on-chain activity alert, instant deposits, real-time charts, ticker alerts, and news of block trade all over the world.
  6. KuCoin is a smart crypto exchange that is similar to Binance but offers many more exceptional features. KuCoin also boasts of its own token called the KCS. The platform is very popular for crypto trading amongst users and they can access their accounts from any place at any time through this app. KuCoin offers more than 300 crypto trading pairs and support more than 75 currencies. The list is constantly upgraded and includes the big names like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, BCH, etc.


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